V-Day at the B-Grill

About two years ago, B scoured the Internet for a list of restaurants with rave reviews in the KC area (will share the list soon!). Our plan was to knock them all out that summer. However, we quickly realized that with rave reviews comes a hefty price tag. To date, we’ve crossed off about three of the eight. The most recent was last night, when we ventured to Bonefish Grill for our Hallmark Day Valentine’s Day celebration.

Surprisingly, we were not the only couple with this idea. Luckily, we had reservations, so we only waited about 10 minutes, as opposed to those without, who were forced to crowd near the door in their fancy pink and red shoes for over an hour. Finally seated, I glanced at the table next to us and happened to notice that it was standing on collapsible legs. Now I understand why it’s necessary to have a reservation on Valentine’s Day; we were seated in an extra-large booth, while our non-reservation-holding counterparts squatted at an employee’s card table.

Whenever we go out to dinner, we have a game we like to play; basically, we glance at a couple seated nearby, and try to imagine the story of their relationship. Is this their first date, or are they married? What do they do for a living? Who wears the pants in the relationship? Is this a stable relationship, or are they doomed for a nasty break-up by dessert? We end up concocting intricate storylines, with equal parts observation and imagination. 

Last night’s crowd was mostly full of married or, at least, committed couples. Some had brought kids, others seemed relieved to have left the house alone. Some polished off a bottle of wine (or two!), while the couple seated next to us had hot tea. The only couple I declared “doomed” was the young couple waiting for a table (no reservations). She was dressed up in a red sweater, nice jeans, and heels. He was wearing (drumroll, please…) an over-sized white t-shirt and baggy jeans. Really?! To Bonefish on Valentine’s Day?

Overall, our dinner was delicious. I especially liked their house salad–sunflower seeds, olives, tomatoes, heart of palm. Delicious. We shared a bottle of wine (for our review, click here), and I had the grilled tilapia with a big pile of steamed veggies on the side. Of course, we also had to stop for ice cream on the way home (Edy’s Slow Churn Cookies ‘n Cream–our favorite!).

B surprised me with some gorgeous earrings last night. They’re Swarovski crystals/diamonds. I’m planning to wear them for the wedding.

Look at that sparkle.

B showing off his new clothes. He wanted some new dressy clothes, so I got him two pairs of pants from the Gap (very stylish!), a blazer and a belt from Old Navy, and two pairs of shoes from Piperlime. Gotta love Gap, Inc.! (Did I mention I worked for them for 3+ years??)


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