Arts and Crafts Night

“The other kids did drugs; I did crafts. I never knew where I fit in.”

~ Kathie Lee Gifford
(Okay, I was really reaching for a quote there. Give me a break!) 

According to an advertising poster up in the window of JoAnn’s, March is National Crafts Month. B and I decided to celebrate by holding our first crafts night of the almost-wedding season. Tonight, we tackled three projects:

1. Tags for our Welcome Bags

2. A paper flower wreath

3. Shirts for a Harry Potter-themed party we’re attending this weekend… You’ll have to wait for pictures of these. I don’t want to spoil the Big Reveal at the party. Just be excited.

We got the idea for welcome bags when we attended a family wedding in Minnesota a couple summers ago. When we checked into our hotel room, there was a bag on the dresser with bottles of water, salty snacks, chocolate, and a little note from the bride and groom. We loved the personal touch, and knew we wanted to do the same for our guests.

As of know, B’s mom has pink and orange gift bags ready to be filled with snacks and sweets. I’ll include a note, as well as maps to areas of interest in KC. Then, the staff member at the front desk will hand the bags out as our guests check into their rooms. These tags will adorn the outside.

B hard at work gluing the white cardstock to the colored cardstock

B did all the stamp and glue work, while I did most of the cutting and trimming. If we find ourselves invested in paper-crafting in the near future, we may have to spring for a paper cutter. My hand is pretty steady with the scissors, but you can definitely tell these babies were handcut! I kinda like it though–makes it more personal for our guests that way 🙂
The rubber stamp is one we purchased at Michaels. I’ve also seen it at a couple of other craft stores. We love it, and used it on our Save-the-Date envelopes, as well.

The paper flower wreath was made from a simple kit I found at Paper Source today. (Bah! I could buy out their whole store, I love it so!) I have to be honest–I am not a huge fan of crafty projects. 

But this one was easy and quick–and the end result is definitely satisfying.

I’m picturing it hung on the front door of our new apartment. It’ll be a cheerful greeting to whoever comes to our door.

So, that was crafts night. Well, minus the shirts that you’re going to have to wait for 🙂

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