Our Big Night Out

“I think we are a product of all our experiences.”
~ Sanford I. Weill
(And I think relationships are a product of all our shared experiences.) 

One thing B and I have always been really good about is treating ourselves to a night out. (Not that it’s really that big of a sacrifice!) Our most recent Big Night Out was to see Rascal Flatts this past Sunday night at the Sprint Center in KC (where ungodly ticket prices prevail). B gifted me the tickets for graduation back in December. We’d been to see the Flatts once before, and even though country music is definitely more my thing than B’s, we both had really enjoyed the show.

So, we donned our concert apparel, and headed downtown.

B sporting his new blazer and me in my ever-so-fashionable tuxedo vest

We had planned on eating at McFadden’s (their club sandwich on wheatberry bread is one of my faves), but it turned out to be crazy-busy for a Sunday night. Plus, they don’t have a waiting list; you’re just expected to hover around people eating their food, ready to pounce on whatever seat becomes available. Not really our style on a Big Night Out.

So, we headed off to Gordon Biersch instead, where we shared a scrumptious Hawaiian pizza.

When we made our way over to the Sprint Center, we stopped to pose with the lighted Flatts displays before venturing inside.

Besides just wanting to share fun pictures of our Big Night Out, I’m writing this post because I think it’s so important to take time as a couple and do something that feels like a real treat. There are so many things that I value about our relationship, and this is one of them. I love that B and I often spend money on “experiential” gifts. (No, not experimental gifts.) A gift of an evening spent dressed up and out on the town creates a shared experience–a memory that we can look back to in the future.

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