Two Cooks in the Kitchen

One thing B and I love to do is try a new recipe. When I was living in Kirksville and he’d drive up to visit for a weekend, we’d almost always try a new recipe. That’s how we discovered one of our all time faves–a de-calorified version of Chicken Pot Pie from Hungry Girl (P.S. If you try this one, I use canned chicken to make it even easier). Hungry Girl is an old standby recipe source, but recently we’ve been turning to the Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet cookbook. My best friend gave it to me for Christmas, swearing that I’d love it, and she’s right. So far, we’ve tried seven or eight of the recipes and they’ve all been a huge hit. The new Family Classics Collection is definitely on my wish list, as well.

We’ve had less opportunities to cook for ourselves recently, as I’m living with my parents (and if my mom’s going to cook, we might as well eat her food!), and B stocks his fridge like any 26-year-old bachelor (the last time I opened his fridge he had beer, bagels, and barbecue sauce). But last Sunday night, my parents were eating with friends, and the weather was 75-degrees, so we treated ourselves to a new recipe enjoyed on the screened-in porch.

The meal was Roasted Vegetable Linguine with Torn Fresh Basil from Vegetarian Times magazine (no, neither of us are vegetarians, but we love lots of veggies, so I scope their website for recipes!). It calls for white wine, and since Rachel Ray says she would never cook with a wine she wouldn’t drink, we enjoyed opening a bottle and sipping a glass while we roasted the veggies.

One thing that I’ve come to learn about myself is that I definitely have some difficulty surrendering control. But, B has convinced me that he is capable of helping me in the kitchen. And, although I like to give him a hard time about how long it takes him to do simple cooking tasks, I not only have learned to appreciate the help, but I really enjoy the time we spend cooking together. Plus, it meshes with my resolution of being GWTFEG.

See? I let him cut vegetables.

And what a fine job he did! Don’t you just love the look of fresh vegetables? All those bright colors. What a great summery dish 🙂

 I loved our Sunday night dinner. And it was the perfect way to spend an evening together before B’s business trip.

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