Snack Attack!

It’s 8:45pm and I just had strawberry yogurt with a few chocolate chips stirred in. (Okay, a few more than a few.)

It’s not a terrible snack choice. But after three fun-sized candy bars throughout the day (leftovers from our bridal shower over the weekend), I probably didn’t need the extra chocolate.

Somehow, though, I just couldn’t resist. It’s a habit I’ve created over the past 23 years. It doesn’t matter that I had a very filling, very nutritious dinner at 7:00. It doesn’t matter that I’ll be getting up to have a protein-packed breakfast in less than nine hours. The before-bed snack is one habit I just can’t seem to break.

I do so well throughout the day–an hour long workout, pre-planned meals and snacks, loaded with fruits, veggies, protein, and whole grains. But when B and I settle in for the evening with an episode of Dexter on Netflix, all I can think about is my evening snack. And just the yogurt wouldn’t do–the chocolate chips are a must.

Katie, you’re not even hungry, I tell myself. That backfires, though, as I spend the next thirty to forty minutes convincing myself that I am, in fact, hungry. However, as my spoon scrapes the empty plastic of another defeated yogurt container, I think to myself, Dang it.

Do you have a vice? A habit you just can’t seem to break? Any suggestions for how to calm the urge?

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