Opening Day

Don’t you just love Opening Day? I don’t know if I’m partial to the sport and times because my mom went into labor with me at a Cards’ game (yet, since they had good seats, they didn’t leave), but baseball season brings so many special memories:
Opening weekend games in the very last row and a temperature just barely above freezing
Enjoying College Night Happy Hour before the game
Taking my little cousins to their first professional baseball game (They weren’t too happy about it. Quote of the Day by the 5-year-old: “This is not a real baseball game. The players are tiny. They look like mice.”)

Although they did enjoy the kiddie area
90 minute rain delays
95-degree weather after the rain delay

Fireworks Fridays
 One of the many reasons I love living in KC is the cheap-as-dirt baseball tickets. Ten dollar, or even $5, tickets are easy to come by, for just about any game except the Cardinals or possibly the Yankees. This makes for easy, spur-of-the-moment date nights, especially when we also score free parking from B’s dad (his company has season tickets).

 My favorite party of a baseball game is about the 6th or 7th inning when the sun has sunk below the bleachers, the lights illuminate the field, and the crowd is fully-enraptured in the game. There’s something magical–romantic, even–about this time of the game, and it’s this feeling that I love about baseball season.
Opening Day is more than just the start of baseball season, though. It means that the winter nastiness is finally over. Barbecues, pool parties, outside-run season, vacations, and more are not far now. This particular season will bring all sorts of excitement; by the World Series, I’ll be married, living in a new apartment, with my own classroom (hopefully).

Take me out to the ballgame…

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