Let It Pour!

Recently, we’ve been having a lot of showers. No, I don’t mean we’ve been scrubbing-up more often. And no, I’m not referring to the “brings May flowers” type (although there’ve been plenty of those with this Midwestern weather). We’ve been having the best kind of showers–showerings of gifts. And boy, have we!

Our first wedding shower actually occurred over Thanksgiving weekend. B’s aunts, mom, and grandma pulled together a couples’ shower for B’s family up in Iowa. Thus began the initial grumblings from the men in the family. (“A couples’ shower? What the –? That is not fair.”)

The lovely ladies who threw the shower
Beautiful flowers, cookies, and favors
Love the cookie tray–aren’t the spritz cookies (in our colors) adorable?!
Favors for our guests were chocolate-covered rice krispie treats from Sweet Caroline’s bakery.
❤ Me & B ❤

Our second wedding shower was about a month ago. This one (also a couples’ shower–more grumbling from the menfolk) was thrown by my aunts and cousins for my family over in St. Louis.

My aunt made these candy centerpieces. They were so festive–and yummy!

We had a third shower at home in KC two weekends ago. That one was given by my maid of honor, a bridesmaid, and their moms. It was a more traditional shower in the sense that the men were not forced to attend invited this time. As a matter of fact, B spent the time swinging from ropes, throwing weighted balls, and pushing machinery around a parking lot–the manliest workout possible, compensating for the time spent at the last two showers.

My MOH, me, and a bridesmaid. Also, my two best friends in the whole world 🙂
The loot we took home from that shower.
More loot

Phew. That’s a lot of showers! And all of that showering is what led to this:

It’s all packed up (kinda) and organized (not really) to be moved into our new apartment. Did I mention the big day is coming up? April 25. That’s, like, Monday.

I was straightening my hair for the last shower, when B commented (in a somewhat relieved way) that this would, in fact, be our last. “Until we have a baby,” I said. He was quiet. “Those aren’t couple showers, though, right?”

Somehow, he didn’t seem to mind opening the presents, though.

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