Hello May!

This weekend my two cousins are graduating. I remember, when we made our hotel reservations waaaaaay back in October or so, thinking “Wow, that’s so far away! By that time the wedding will be right around the corner!” Well, guess what, folks. It’s not that far away anymore… and the wedding is right around the corner!

I’m the queen of cliff-hangers lately, aren’t I? Like, last week (and, okay, for two months prior), I talked non-stop about our big move… and then didn’t give you any details.

Well, here’s the gist of it: We’re exhausted.

The following is a brief photo tour of the “before” of our new apartment (click here to see the floor plan again):

The living room from the front door–don’t you love the fireplace? It’s gas. We thought it was wood-burning (because that’s what the brochure says) and were pleasantly surprised to find out we wouldn’t be needing to chop down any of the trees in the complex.

Another shot of the living room in which you can see the beautiful vaulted ceilings that I am absolutely in love with. P.S. The door on the right leads to our balcony (which I forgot to take any “before” pictures of).

View of the dining area/kitchen from the living room–yes, I forgot to take pictures until we’d carried in the first few loads of stuff.

The kitchen. It’s snug. But, the cabinets are nice and deep, so there’s more storage than it first appears.

Our cute little bathroom. Just wait until you see the “after” of this shot. One of my proudest accomplishments, for sure 🙂

Our bedroom. There are no ceiling lights in here, so this picture is super-dark. Behind me there is a sliding door that opens to the balcony. This brings in some natural light, but (obviously) not a ton. We will be purchasing more lamps!

Our closets… sigh…

At least it goes all the way across the wall… (yes, I’m searching for a silver lining…)

Our hall closet. Double sigh.

The good news (for me) is that we do have a laundry closet with a relatively large amount of storage space. The bad news (for you) is that I don’t have a “before” picture, and I don’t want to ruin any surprises.

We had fun camping out the first week–since our move-in day was a Monday, and we both work full-time, we didn’t move our furniture in until Saturday.

We had a picnic of pizza, salad, and wine our first night at home.

Our makeshift couch and end tables. Classy, huh?

Delilah’s spot. She’s taken well to her new home, and seems to enjoy having her whole family together under one roof.

Things are looking a little different now that we have all our stuff moved in. Be ready for an awesome mini-series of before-and-afters…

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