My Second Half

During my little blogging hiatus, I reached an important personal milestone: my goal weight. However, in the process of obtaining this numerical value on the scale, I also learned a lot about my body, and realized what it actually  means to be healthy. Although I was thrilled to feel skinny and sexy on my wedding day, I was even more thrilled to be fit enough to dance all evening long in a heavy, heavy dress. I was even more thrilled to be able to enjoy 5-mile runs along the beach with my new husband on our honeymoon. And I was even more thrilled to be able to climb to the top of Diamond Head crater at breakneck speed.

I’m so grateful to be one of those rare “crazy” people who actually enjoys working out. Setting–and meeting!–a fitness goal is so motivating to me. And, although I find those numbers motivating (since beginning to work with my trainer, my body fat has decreased by eight percentage points), nothing compares to the sense of accomplishment that comes from picking up a larger dumbbell, running a faster mile, or completing my first unassisted pull-up.

So, what’s up next? you might ask. Well, I’ve taken the plunge and paid my $60 to register for the Waddell & Reed Kansas City Half-Marathon. Two summers ago, on June 6, 2009, I crossed the finish line of my first half marathon.

B was there to cheer me on

Last year, B ran his first half, while I chose to stick with the 10K.

A sweet reward after a sweaty run

This October, we’ll both be pounding the pavement on the course through downtown KC–although separately. The legs on B’s 6’1″ frame are a little too long for my 5’5.25″ pair. (Side note: Isn’t it funny how women always know their height to the quarter-inch??)

Yesterday was my first official day of training. My trainer helped me to come up with this  Half Marathon Training Plan, which allows me to adequately prepare for the race, yet still lift often enough to maintain my recent success in the weight room.

Although I’m not setting any specific goals for the race besides wanting to finish, it would be pretty cool to beat my time from 2009 (2:19). Also, a friend of mine who is an avid runner recently got me thinking a little more about age groups. In 2009 I was 81/98, so I feel as though I have room to improve there. (By the way, in self-defense, I’ve since been higher in the ranks, like 29/49 and 41/86.)

Anyway, wish me luck as I embark on this journey–just me and my new ASICS. Yeah, they’re pretty awesome.

5 thoughts on “My Second Half

  1. I’m pretty sure I’m running the KC Half, too. You’re doing awesome! And, yes, I am a FIRM believer in judging by age groups, not overall finishes. 🙂

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