Life: A Balancing Act

Seeing as I published my last blog post over two months ago, you can probably infer that the new job has been keeping me pretty busy.  I now spend most of my “free” time lesson-planning, grading, or arguing with Microsoft Word over the formatting of a math worksheet (WHY can’t text boxes and auto-shapes just stay put??). However, as the weeks go by, I’m slowly re-claiming those evenings and weekends as my own. This weekend, I set aside my curriculum guides–I didn’t even bring them home with me–and enjoyed spending some time doing un-pedagogical things.

On Friday night, the hubs and I went to the homecoming football game of our alma mater. We try to go back every year, since we’re still in the area, and always appreciate running into old friends and teachers. (Although with every year, we find ourselves feeling older and lamer. This year, I pondered the question of at what age I’d transitioned into worrying more about being warm than being stylish, as I sat bundled up in my jeans, hoodie, and fleece jacket while high-schoolers paraded around us in shorts and bare bellies.)

Saturday morning my alarm went off in time for me to meet my fellow runner friend, Amy, for a 9-miler. (Btw, I’m currently training for two half-marathons in the next few weeks. More about that later.) I managed to fill the rest of the day with a nail appointment, a bridal shower, and a bachelor/ette party for B’s brother and his fiancé.

Then, today, B’s whole fam, plus some of our good friends from STL, and more, got together to watch the Chiefs trounce the Vikings. (Well, okay, maybe it wasn’t a trouncing, but I was proud of my boys in red, even if I was wearing purple.)

Needless to say, it was a busy weekend, but refreshing in its own way. Sometimes I need to break out and step away from my role as Katie the Teacher and be Katie the Runner, Katie the Football Fan, Katie the Wife, Katie the Bridal Shower-Jeopardy Player. It’s sometimes tempting–even easier–to work, work, work until the to-do list is finally complete. However, the nasty joke is that the to-do list is never going away. But sunny 75-degree days? Those won’t last forever. So, here’s to finding the balance in life…

– Katie the Blogger

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