Brag Book

Fair warning: This post is the equivalent of a proud parent pulling a stack of photos out of their purse and expecting every else to be equally enthralled and captivated by their child. Fortunately for you, though, I truly am the proud parent of the most adorable bichi-poo ever to bound around the grasses of this earth. So, it seems only fair that I share the following with you:

This picture was actually taken over the summer–I believe I was instructing B in “the football hold”.

B has D in a football hold

Love when D comes back from the groomer’s–she has such an expressive face, and the bow is just too cute for words. Unfortunately, the trim only lasts about a week or so, and the bow survives even less time than that.

All Prettied Up

Delilah is an important part of our little family, and we include her in all major events. Here she is helping us celebrate my birthday. Don’t worry–I put her down before we actually started eating our spaghetti.

Mom's Birthday

My favorite time of the evening, and Delilah’s as well, I believe, is cuddling up on the couch. She often looks so darn cute we just can’t resist snapping a picture.

Cuddling with Mom

It's getting awfully late...

It's so warm...

I give up. I just can't keep my eyes open any longer.

The windowsills in our apartment are low enough that Delilah spends much of her time keeping an eye on the goings-on outside. Recently, when she sees something interesting, she brings one of her favorite toys up on the sill. Here she is with one of her best pals, Lion.

Look out here, Lion!

A newfound love of Delilah’s is a weekend afternoon spent at the dog park. Although she loves to say hi to other dogs, sometimes they can be a little scary since she’s only five pounds, so her dad is nice enough to keep her company.

Playing with Dad at the Dog Park

I snapped this picture last weekend at the dog park, and it wasn’t until I uploaded it to my computer that I noticed the airborne, mid-leap, mid-ear-flop that I’d managed to catch.

Sometimes I'm mistaken for a bunny, and I just can't understand why...

Thanks for appreciating and appeasing my love for my puppy and my need to share. We’re considering getting Delilah a little sister sometime soon (canine, not human), so if you know of any Yorkie or poodle-mix breeders in the KC area, please let me know!

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