Delilah’s Baby Sister

If you follow me at all on Facebook (or if you know me in real life), then you have probably already heard our big news. On Oct. 30, 2011, B, Delilah, and I welcomed a new baby into our family: a ten-week old, 4.02-lb. Yorkie puppy named Nora.


We’d been going back and forth for awhile with the pros & cons of adopting a second dog. On the one hand, we felt like Delilah could really use some company during the day while we’re both at work. But on the other hand, the needs of one puppy already added up, and to double that seemed intimidating. However, we finally decided that the good outweighed the bad (especially once B thought about how much less time he’d have to spend playing fetch with D on the living room floor if she had another puppy to play with her).

We ended up finding Nora on She was living with a family on a farm in Versailles, MO. Since we were going to be out in rural-MO for a family wedding that weekend, anyway, we decided to stop by. Needless to say, she made the trip back to KC with us.

Delilah was a little unsure at first. Here they are meeting for the first time, sniffing one another from head to toe:

Checkin' each other out...

Delilah had to show Nora who’s boss the first few days. She made it her mission in life to stay between me and the puppy, and taught Nora a lesson or two about who her daddy was:

A little possessive there, D?

Now, however, they’re absolutely inseparable. S0 inseparable, in fact, that through teamwork they’ve managed to open Nora’s crate whenever we leave. This is how I found them when I came home from work the other day:

Cuddling with my sister...

We are so excited to have our two pups at home with us now. With the addition of Nora, dogs officially outnumber humans on B’s side of the family (puppies-8, humans-7), which should make Christmas a little interesting.



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