Playing Catch-Up

Well, my goal to post once a week didn’t quite work out. Here’s a quick catch-up of the five weeks I missed:

Week of Nov. 20:

ImageCelebrated Thanksgiving with B’s family in Des Moines. After a scrumptious feast and a rousing game of Quelf, we continued the annual tradition of a Thanksgiving bowling outing. This year, though, we upped the ante by playing “Funky Bowling.” Pictured here is the Team Bowling event, which required each competitor to bowl between the legs of their teammates.

Week of Nov. 27:

ImageChristmas decorations went up. We have quite the hodge-podge of decor after raiding our parents’ retired items, things we bought on clearance last year, and a few DIY Pinterest projects (like this wreath):

ImageThe advent calendar that my mom made for us:

ImageEat one candy cane each day of December to get in the holiday spirit inside AND out!

ImageMy wonderful husband is secure enough in his manhood that he let me have my Barbie tree this year. I’ve collected Barbie ornaments my entire life, and have always wanted to have a mini-tree on which to display them all:ImageWeek of Dec. 4:

ImageImageNora has won over her father’s heart.Image

She’s still working on her mom. If I just didn’t have to clean up so much poop, and if I could just sleep past 6am during my Winter Break, she might be a little more successful in her attempts…

Week of Dec. 11:

ImageWatched the Chiefs surprisingly bring the Packers’ undefeated season to a grinding halt. A joyous Christmas miracle for the Kansas City fans, but a seasonal tragedy for the Cheeseheads.

Week of Dec. 18:

ImageMy new mom-made Christmas sweater. I requested it, as I feel that every first-grade teacher needs a tacky Christmas sweater. (Apologies for the horrible picture quality–this was a cell phone pic.) What makes it even better? B’s matching one: Image

The awkward cropping is to protect the anonymity of my students, as B was currently managing Pin-the-Tail-on-Rudolph at our first grade Holiday Party.

ImageNow that you feel as though you’ve lived these past five weeks with us, I vow to update more regularly. I promise I’m always thinking about a blog post and coming up with ideas… I just need to make the time to sit down and write them.

Merry Christmas to all!

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