Small Improvements

It’s January now. I’ve been a first-grade teacher for about five months, and am finally feeling settled into the position. I’m ready to re-address my duties as a housewife. As you know, I’m trying to do more cooking and I’ve organized our closet. I’ve also been making a few other small improvements that I’d like to share.

New TV/Entertainment Stand at Christmas

What the TV/Entertainment Stand normally looks like...

We used our birthday money this fall to invest in a new TV and entertainment stand. That means we had our old entertainment center free from electronics, so we decided to move it into our dining nook for a little extra storage. It now houses some of our less-frequently used kitchen items, candles, vases, craft supplies, my yoga gear, and our printer. Phew! It’s amazing how much we’ve packed in there. Now my to-do list includes purchasing some small bins to make this piece look as nice as it is functional.

New spot for the old entertainment center

Another organizational scheme I’m pretty proud of is our front closet. This closet houses our coats, vacuum cleaner, air mattress, paper files, tools, wrapping paper, and pet supplies. We’ve basically just stuffed as much junk into it as possible.

Stuffed-to-the-brim front closet

Anyway, while strolling through Bed Bath & Beyond one day, I got the idea to buy an over-the-door pocket organizer. We moved some of that little cluttery stuff into those pockets. Now, we don’t have to dig through coats and bags, etc. to find the doggy-poo bags, and our gloves and hats don’t get stuffed in between coats.

Front closet organizer

On Sunday, B broke in the new drill he got for Christmas. First, he put up these shelves for me, that I mentioned in this post.

New closet shelf

Then, helped me hang this wine glass rack. This baby freed up a TON of space in our cabinets. Now, we can actually fit all of our casseroles, coffee mugs, and drinking glasses without precarious stacking.

Wine glass rack

Finally, he hung this fruit basket. We were pretty nervous about hanging something from our popcorn ceiling. We’ve actually had this fruit basket since the wedding, but visions of popcorn ceiling crumbling in around us made us a little anxious. However, B’s dad swore by these hooks, so we decided to give it a shot. (As we speak, I’m glancing at the bananas hanging there out of the corner of my eye…)

Hanging fruit basket

Get excited, because there’s more to come. We bought some Indian Ocean-colored paint today… I’ll let you dream about where that’s going to end up, and surprise you next week.

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