First “Official” Run of the Season

Today marks the beginning of my official training for the Rock the Parkway half marathon. After work today, I will log my first 3.5 miles that count towards my goal of completing my third half-marathon.

I started running again at the beginning of the month, building my mileage up slowly in order to ease my IT band back into the rhythm of the road. Now, though, is when the running really starts to count–and I’m so excited!

For those of you who are interested, here is the training plan I’m following: Rock the Parkway Training Plan

Using a plan that my personal trainer gave me back in June as a base, I’ve modified it a bit. I added one more long run (an 11-miler) and tapered off the week before the race. I’m hoping these changes will also help me to avoid the ITBS I experienced after my last half.

Wish me luck!

5 thoughts on “First “Official” Run of the Season

  1. If you’re ever interested, the Rock the Parkway Groupie Runs are really great. They are every Sunday at 7am. They have a course laid out up to 12 miles (you can do however many miles you want), with water/gatorade every 2 miles. It’s completely free, and I’m loving having a big group of people to run with. Just a thought!

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