Ahhhh… Sunday Nights…

B and I have been married for almost eight months now. That’s not a very long time. So I was feeling pretty guilty about the fact that when B recently started playing basketball on Sunday nights, I was basically ecstatic about the prospects of having the apartment to myself for 3+ hours. Then, I read this post from Nathan Badley (a blogger who has me laughing out loud with every post he publishes). And then my aunt commented that “I’ll only come to appreciate those times even more,” and I realized that I don’t need to feel guilty. There’s no reason to feel bad about appreciating some time to myself. (Or, at least some quality time with the dogs.)

The first week, I watched a chick flick and played Sims on my computer. The second week, a friend and I split a bottle of wine and enjoyed a couple hours of girl talk. Last week, I finished up my reading for that week’s Faith Club meeting, then indulged in some slow churned ice cream. Last night, I blogged (ahem) and read while sipping a glass of moscato.

Each week, there’s only one rule: I do whatever I want.

Who knows where these Sunday nights may take me? A solo movie night (I’ve only done that once in my life), a new Yoga class at the gym, or maybe a raging house party may very well be in my future. (I feel pretty doubtful about the latter, but I may just be feeling it one night…)


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