The Cost of Being a Grown-Up

Yesterday, I made an amateur mistake in the world of adultism. It was pay day, and that morning, upon logging into our bank account online, I transferred our traditional amount to “savings” and to “house savings”. I then complimented myself on the upward trend our accounts have shown these past few months. Wow! I thought to myself. Saving really pays off. It doesn’t matter that as a teacher and an environmentalist we made diddly-squat. With the wonderful budgeting plan I’ve created, we’re doing just great. I gave myself a nice pat on the back, and began fantasizing about the vacations we’d be able to take, the couch we could buy, and the dates we’d be able to afford in the future.

Then, approximately four hours later, I got an email from B:

…upon pulling out of my parking space at the site a belt fell off of my engine (it wasn’t broken) so I have been trying to find a place close by to take it, I found a place really close that I am going to drop it off at…

Not broken! I thought. That’s a good sign. I’ll bet they can just pop that sucker right back into place. I went on with my day, not thinking about this simple car issue.

Then I received this email:

…I talked to the car people. And apparently there is a part that keeps the belt on that broke and they quoted me at $2,494,382…

(Okay, it wasn’t $2,494,382, but it was a lot.)

Sigh. That’s what I get for intro-bragging about our bank account. I suppose that’s what savings are for, but really? A belt-keeper-on-er instead of a fabulous vacation, couch, or date night? Blech.

Now I’m wondering if this phenomenon works in reverse. If tomorrow I fire up the online banking system and think, Gee, we are just plain broke, will the Gods of Finance rain great wealth upon our heads? I can only hope.


One thought on “The Cost of Being a Grown-Up

  1. Yup, being a grown-up sucks sometimes. Within the first 2 years we lived in our house, we had to replace our water heater, furnace and a/c. So, not what I’d imagined spending all our money for our new house on. Blech.

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