My Mom: the Cure for the Common Cold

At 24 years old, I’ve yet to find a cure for the common cold/flu better than this simple remedy: a day curled up on the couch, watching recorded TV shows, and eating Mom’s homemade soup. It’s just not possible to re-create the feeling on my own couch, with my own TV, or with my version of soup. What’s the missing factor? It must be my mom!

Mom & me on Christmas morning in 2007

I’m one of the lucky few who can honestly call my mom one of my best friends. She’s the one I call when I want someone to talk to on my way home from work. We swap books and recipes. We go shopping together (and since she’s my mom, she sometimes foots the bill–does your best friend do that??).

Pre-shopping days, Mom smocked dresses for every holiday.

My mom has always been my biggest supporter. She never missed a softball game, a piano recital, or a band concert. And, now, she’s always on the sidelines cheering me on during races. Birthdays, Christmases, and graduations have always been special times thanks to my mom’s thoughtfulness and hard work.

My Bunny Cake on Birthday #3

Oh, yeah. And then there was that wedding thing that she helped me plan last year.

Mom and me on the Big Day

I was so lucky, when B came into my life, that my mom embraced him with as much love and warmth as she’s shown me for my whole life.

Celebrating Mom's Birthday in 2009

As you can see, I’m a lucky girl to have such a fantastic mom. She even vowed to me, when I was in preschool, that I can sit on her lap forever. “Even when I’m sixty?” I challenged her. “Well,” she responded, “I’ll be 92, but sure. Even when you’re 60.”

Since I explained to you yesterday that I’ve been feeling a little under-the-weather this weekend, if you need me today, you’ll find me on my mom’s couch. If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll even share one of her soup recipes with you.

2 thoughts on “My Mom: the Cure for the Common Cold

  1. Thank you, Sweetie! You are the best daughter in the world. I still think smocked dresses are darn cute–but that picture is a good example of why I shouldn’t cut my own hair or try to wear makeup!

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