Just Keep Running…

About a month and a half ago, I posted my new “secrets” to keeping my ITBS pain at bay during the upcoming running season. At the end of January, I began training for another half-marathon, and vowed to be diligent with IT band stretches and exercises. Well, I’m happy to say that so far this year I’ve run exactly 84 miles (yes, down to the 1/100th of a mile, it’s exactly 84. Weird.) and have had zero pain so far. I’m telling you, folks, these stretches and exercises are the way to go.

This past Saturday marked the “more than half” point in my training, at seven miles. So far I’ve finished two audiobooks (Sisterhood Everlasting and The Book Thief) and just loaded two more onto my iPod. I’ve completely lucked out weather-wise. Only one run has been sidelined to the treadmill due to snow, and only two runs have been completed in single-digit wind chills–much better than I expected when I first considered training in the middle of winter. The only downside is that I haven’t gotten to break out much of my cute new cold-weather running gear. (Three weekends ago I scored a puffy vest on clearance in the girls’ department at Dick’s Sporting Goods–seriously, they practically paid me to take it, it was such a good deal.)

After Rock the Parkway in April, I’m thinking of registering for the Hospital Hill half-marathon as well. Then, a friend of mine recently told me about the Color Run, a goofy experience in which you start the race with a white t-shirt, and are sprayed with colored paint along the route. I’ll be passing on the Warrior Dash this summer (once was enough for me), and am thinking this “artistic” run might be more my style of adventure racing.

Speaking of adventure racing, B is planning to sign up for the Tough Mudder when its Kansas City date is released. After the Ruckus Run and the Warrior Dash, he feels like he’s ready to tackle these 10-12 grueling miles of “mud, fire, ice water, and 10,000 volts of electricity.” Again, that’s a race I’ll choose to watch.

2 thoughts on “Just Keep Running…

  1. Love it! So glad you’re still running pain-free! That’s awesome news. I was thinking of the color run, too. I’ve had no fewer than 3 people go out of their way to send me the link, so I’m thinking it’s probably a must-do. Definitely do Hospital Hill. Also, I think there’s still space to sign up for the Heartland 39.3 if you want to. You’re already doing 1 of the 3 halfs, so you’re a third of the way there! 🙂

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