Venting Session Re-Posted

Let me vent to you for a second. I am so disappointed that Christians have a terrible reputation. That people stereotype Christians in a bad way….think they are judgemental, haters, offended group of legalistic rule-watching-bible-beaters who are stupid. That reputation exists for a million reasons but one thing stays the same…..I HATE THAT. It makes me angry and sad and disappointed. I want people to know that God wants you to be the best version of you….be authentic…have fun and JOY…know where you are from and where you are going….and that He loves you more than I can possible describe. There are gonna be struggles…our lives are crappy, sometimes we feel we can’t climb outta our muddy trenches…but it doesn’t change the fact that God made us outta the dirt to LOVE us. He gave us his son to LOVE us. to BE WITH us. to GIVE US the best possible relationship we can imagine. and God wants us to have a future. more than this dirty shell. and He loves it when we love each other.

I am trying to focus on that. BE like that. to break that mold that everyone keeps on trying to jam me into.

Re-posted from one of my favorite daily perusals, Bower Power. Well, said, Katie!

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