Dream Come True

I’ve recently had a dream come true.

Last year, I admitted to my extreme obsession with all things Harry Potter in this post. That’s when we took our Harry Potter dorkitude to a whole new level, making matching Gryffindor Quidditch Team shirts, and attended a HP-themed birthday party as Katie Bell and Oliver Wood.

Well, those shirts made a second appearance last week, when B and I got the chance to visit Harry Potter World at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure over Spring Break.


Sporting our awesome shirts in front of the Hogwarts Express.

Truly, the entire experience was like stepping into a dream. As I would explain to my first graders, when I read Harry Potter, I “create mental images” in my mind. Visiting HP World was like jumping into my own mental image.

The sights…



The streets of Hogsmeade



The tastes…

Hog's Head

Mmm, butterbeer!


And the sounds…

Zonko's Joke Shop

Although HP World itself is absolutely fabulous and wonderful, the Islands of Adventure park left much to be desired. Since we were lucky enough (and sneaky enough) to bypass most of the lines at HP World, waiting only for the Forbidden Journey ride, we were done with the park in a little under three hours. After paying the Disney prices, we felt a little like… well, like we could’ve used more HP. Although, I’ll admit, I probably would have paid the prices just to stand in the Forbidden Journey line:

In the Hogwart's Herbatorium
(Did I make that word up?? B says I did.)

About to go inside Hogwarts

Dumbledore's Office
(Hard to get a good picture as I didn't want to stop in the line and risk having my head bit off by eager HP fans.)

The Sorting Hat


At the end of the day, we decided not to think about the high cost of the experience, and just the experience itself. And, seeing it that way, HP World was AWESOME!! I highly suggest it to any HP fan out there. Oh, and don’t pass up the Butterbeer. Sure, $25 for two is a lot (hey, we splurged on the souvenir mug), but the creamy-marshmallowy-goodness is seriously to-die-for.

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