Hamburger Salad

I haven’t posted many recipes recently because, to be honest, the new ones we’ve tried in the past few weeks have been mostly “meh.”

We tried a Sloppy Joe recipe that used ground turkey in the Crockpot and it was… fine.

I found a Peachy Pork & Rice recipe that used taco seasoning, salsa, and peach preserves to flavor pork served over brown rice. It sounded good, but basically just tasted like pork, salsa and rice.

Plus, we’ve been awfully busy recently, and have really only been eating 1-2 dinners together each week.

But, I thought I’d pass along one of my own tried-and-true, go-to recipes. This recipe is loosely based on this Hungry Girl recipe that I read a couple of years ago. This is the meal I choose when I want something protein-packed, filling, BIG, and low-cal. Here it is:

Katie’s HamburgerSalad

1 Boca Burger (I use original)

2% shredded cheese (I like cheddar)

Dill pickles

Tomato (Roma or grape)


Fat Free or Light Dressing



Heat the Boca Burger in a small pan on the stovetop. Using your spatula, break the burger into 1-in cubes. If you like your mushrooms a little bit cooked, add them to the pan at the end. In the meantime, put as much spinach as you want in the bowl. Cut up the tomato and add it. Add some pickle slices, the cheese, and the dressing. Then, dump the burger and mushrooms on top. Add some croutons, and voila! A filling salad for around 200-250 calories, dependent on the dressing, the amount of cheese you use, and how honest you are about the crouton serving size.

2 thoughts on “Hamburger Salad

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