Top Ten Tuesday – Authors I’d Like to See on a Reality Show

When I saw this topic listed on The Broke and the Bookish, I planned to just skip it. I’m not really a big fan of reality shows. But, then I began thinking about classic authors, like Jane Austen and Roald Dahl, displaced into modern-day reality TV situations… and knew I couldn’t resist.

I just want to say, before you read any further, that these are all authors that I’ve read, I like, and I respect. So don’t read into my assignments, here–they’re all in fun!

Modern Day Authors

1. Stephanie Meyer on Temptation Island

… But with vampires and werewolves.

2. Meg Cabot on Last Comic Standing    

Because she freakin’ cracks me up.

     3. Nicholas Sparks on Tough Love: Couples

Let’s let the master of romance put his knowledge to good use.

4. Jodi Picoult on The People’s Court     

Knowing the ins and outs of the law, Picoult could really put some of these people in their rightful (lawful) place.

     5. Suzanne Collins on Survivor

But, let’s make it, like, Survivor on Steroids and give her a taste of her own medicine.

6. J.K. Rowling on Dancing with the Stars    

I simply chose this combination because I could actually see it happening…

Classic Authors

     7. Laura Ingalls Wilder on What Not to Wear

I’m sorry, I’m a HUGE Wilder fan–I even did my undergraduate capstone on the timelessness of her series!–but she could seriously use Carmindy and Ted Gibson to revamp her make-up & hair.

8. Dr. Seuss on Project Runway    

With his imagination and creativity, even I might be interested in watching this show for once.

     9. Jane Austen on The Bachelorette

Let’s see if any men could measure up to the standards set by Mr. Darcy.

10. Roald Dahl on Jersey Shore    

He just seems like such a strange guy… I think it’d be awesome to see him and “The Situation” duke it out.

Did I miss any obvious choices? Do you agree/disagree?

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Authors I’d Like to See on a Reality Show

  1. I, too, think Jane Austen on The Bachelorette is a brilliant idea. Can I just say that I read a memoir about Roald Dahl’s WWII experiences and he was a British spy here in America who bedded women to get information. I’m thinking it would be great to hear what he would think of Jersey Shore.

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