Top Ten Tuesdays – The Un-bookish Blogs I Read

Courtesy of The Broke and the Bookish, here are…

The Top Ten Blogs I Read that are NOT Book-Related

Home Decorating Blogs

I start with this category because they’re the ones that got me into blogging. A friend introduced me to a couple when I was thinking about how to decorate our apartment last year, and I quickly found many bloggers who fit my style.

1. Bower Power

Besides having an adorable kid and an awesome name, Katie Bower has all kinds of creative DIY ideas for home decorating. Someday, when I have a home I care to decorate (as opposed to an apartment in which I’ve painted three accent walls), I know I will actually use her ideas that I’ve bookmarked.

2. Young House Love

More great DIY decorating ideas from Sherry & John. Although I (overall) like Katie Bower’s style better, I like many of Sherry & John’s smaller projects. And you can bet that when that day comes, I’ll be stealing the way they documented their daughter’s first 52 weeks of life.

3. iHeart Organizing

So, I don’t really heart organizing, but since Jen does, I follow her advice when I do have to organize something. Although she doesn’t know it, she helped me organize my closet, my kitchen, my coat closet, and even my bill-paying. Way to go, Jen!

Food Blogs

I love food, don’t you? Since I’ve been known to dapple in a little cooking myself (some times more successfully than others), I enjoy finding inspiration from some of these food blogs. However, I find that I save wayyy more recipes than I ever make. But I’m determined that this summer, B and I will be eating at least two new recipes a week… probably.

4. Chocolate Covered Katie

I swear, I don’t give preferential treatment to bloggers named Katie. However, I do enjoy her healthy vegetarian recipes, as well as drooling over her decadent desserts. This writer shares my mentality when it comes to diet–healthy all day every day, but you better give me some real dessert.

5. The Scrumptious Pumpkin

Love her recipes that feature fresh, healthy ingredients. I’m a recent follower, and haven’t tried many of them yet, but plan to give them a go this summer. I’ll be sure to share any big hits with you.

6. Espresso and Cream

I shared a little bit about this blog’s awesome No Fat Talk Tuesday feature. But I encourage you to go back and check out more of her recipes!

7. Foodimentary

Because I enjoy food, and learning about food, and celebrating the greatness that is food. John-Bryan Hopkins has won awards for this blog, and I enjoy learning about the histories of cuisine and delicacies on a daily basis.


8. Fit-Bottomed Girls

The two women who founded this fitness blog are also from the Kansas City area. Their posts range from informational to inspirational to just plain funny.

9. Runner’s World

This is the site I hit up for any serious running advice. I turned to them for my IT Band issues, tips for running in the heat, and how to do a fartlek workout.


10. The Life and Times of Nathan Badley

Nathan Badley is another Kansas Citian, and, by golly, he is hilarious. I enjoy his goofy and sarcastic sense of humor, and the extreme randomness that is his subject matter. My favorites are often about marriage, although I also enjoyed the one where he likened Obama to King Midas.

9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesdays – The Un-bookish Blogs I Read

  1. been following the life and times of nathan bradley. reading his blogs are like having coffee in the morning… can’t stay up awake all day without it. πŸ™‚

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