Fit Butt Fabulous

Dear Readers,

In February 2011, when I wrote my first post on Sharing Closet Space, I was engaged, planning a wedding, and ready to share all things marriage- and wedding-related. I came up with the a metaphor about learning how to share a closet, and wanted to share the ins and outs of our learning to be married with you.

After the wedding, I found that B and I really aren’t that interesting. Yes, we’ve learned a lot about marriage, but I’ve also taken to writing about books, cooking, religion, photography, pets, Yoga, running… and pretty much anything I want.

I’ve really been enjoying blogging recently. The writing is therapeutic, reading and responding to others’ posts is thought-provoking, and I love using Tammy to enhance my posts.

However, Sharing Closet Space is lacking something. And that something is… focus. A few weeks ago, it dawned on me that successful blogs–blogs that keep readers coming back for more–have a theme or topic that their readers are interested in. If Sharing Closet Space were to have a theme, it would be “random”. But, the thing is, I just have a lot of interests! I like books, and cooking, and religion, and photography, and pets, and Yoga, and running, and yes, even marriage. How could I choose just one?

While pondering this conundrum, a good friend of mine asked for some advice on a training plan for her first half-marathon. She was finding all kinds of training plans online, but wasn’t sure what she wanted or needed to be successful. I took one of the training plans I’d created for myself and tweaked it to her level. She loved it. And the email she sent back in response asked this: “Have you ever thought about getting your personal training certification? :-)” And there was my answer.

I’m no personal trainer, but I am a regular person who has spent quite a bit of time and energy learning about how to lead a healthy lifestyle. I don’t have any drastic, ground-breaking information to share, but I have learned a lot from all the lifestyle changes I’ve made in the past few years. I don’t follow any kind of crazy diet, but I do count calories and eat healthfully.

Hmm, I began to think to myself. Maybe I could write a blog about making healthy choices from an every day person kind of view. I could share what I’ve learned about diet and exercise. And I could show people that being healthy can be fun and enjoyable. I could preach my message about enjoying life while being healthy. I could encourage people who were just getting started with a lifestyle change, and start conversations with people who had other information to share.

And, from this thought process, a new blog was born. I’d love it if you’d click here and hop on over to Fit Butt Fabulous.

Being healthy does not equal being boring, deprivation, or falling into a gym rut. On Fit Butt Fabulous, you’ll find my advice on how you can have a “fit butt” and still live a fabulous life.

When you head over there, you’ll notice that I’ve moved some of my old health and fitness posts. But I’ve also added some new information, including my three half-marathon training plans, my review of the Zumba fitness craze, and why you should try a Yoga studio. I’ll be posting about running, races and events, workouts I try, Yoga, recipes, and products I love.

I’m hoping to host a couple guest writers–this could be you! If you have a fitness class you love at your gym, or if you do a run you’d like to write about, or have a healthy recipe to share, or really anything health/fitness-related, I’d be so excited to feature your story on my blog!

Now, I’m not saying that this is the end of Sharing Closet Space. You know me–sometimes I can’t help it, I just have to review the latest book I read, or I have to share what I thought about Sunday’s sermon. But from now on, the majority of my blogging time and energy will be spent on Fit Butt Fabulous.

Do me one more favor… I learned through conversation with friends that some of my readers are not regular bloggers, so didn’t understand what it meant to “follow” a blog. When you get over to Fit Butt Fabulous, scroll on down to the bottom, and click on the “Follow” button. By doing this, my new posts will go to your email inbox.

It’s the brown button!

Okay, one last thing. If you’re thinking “Gosh, I hate health and fitness. Why are you doing this, Katie???” 1) Give it a try! Look around! Maybe I’ll surprise you! 2) Who do you know that is interested in health and fitness? Maybe you can pass me along 🙂

Well, readers, I hope to see you on the other blog.

What do you think? I'd love to hear from you!

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