Anniversary Photo Story

Monday, June 11th marked one year since this glorious day–our wedding.

We celebrated by going to the New Theatre Restaurant. No, it’s not new to KC–that’s the name of the dinner theater in town. And, yes, it’s spelled with “-re”, so you know it’s high-class.

When I called for reservations, I happened to mention 17 times that we’d be celebrating our first anniversary. So, when we got to our table, there was a card signed by all of the cast members, including Richard Karn (Al from Home Improvement!), the star of the show and the reason we were so intent on going.

The show was hilarious. And the food was delicious, as always. Dessert was the best part.

On our actual anniversary, we woke up and went to breakfast at the Doubletree Hotel. (We had our rehearsal dinner there, and stayed there the night of our wedding. I was a HUGE fan of their breakfast buffet.) B had arranged with the manager to have a bouquet of pink roses (the color of our wedding flowers) waiting on our table. And, if you look closely, you’ll see that my napkin is folded like a wedding gown, and his is a tux.

Breakfast did not disappoint. Made-to-order egg white omelet, fruit with granola on top, wheat toast, coffee, and orange juice. Not pictured is the delicious streusel muffin we split for dessert.

We headed down to Union Station after breakfast to walk around and just see the sights–something we don’t often do in our hometown.

I love being inside Union Station and reminiscing about my third grade field trip when the building was still in shambles. Even cooler is to imagine what the place was like when it was used primarily as a train station, and travelers milled about waiting in this long hallway.

We went up to the fourth floor where we could look out over the happenings, including Trofi, a cute venue for brunch.

Poking around a little bit more, we ended up finding a secret staircase. (Well, it was secret to us.) As we climbed, we encountered some pretty ominous messages…

Go back! It’s not safe! They are coming!

Zombies can’t climb stairs

Nevermind. They can.
(I especially like the bloody handprints here!)

At the top of the staircase, we were terrified to find a ZOMBIE! The signs had been true! They weren’t just a joke!

Oh, phew, nevermind. It’s just B.

After surviving our zombie scare, we walked into a door marked “Exit” and found ourselves in a world of trains.

It turned out to be the KC Rail Experience exhibit. They’re normally part of the Science City admission, and closed on Mondays, but there was a crew in there dusting. They welcomed us in to look around.

I couldn’t believe all the detail in the set-up.

The scenes ranged from cities to rivers to mountains–there was even a dinosaur zone! That would have been one heck of a train ride…

I took this picture in honor of my cousin, who works for Purina.

And I had fun playing with shutter speeds.

Gosh, Tammy, you’re great!

We left the KC Rail exhibit, and ended up walking outside to find ourselves over the real train tracks.

I couldn’t believe our luck when a train came by just one minute later.

Our adventures were not over. After leaving Union Station, we decided to have a little family picnic at the park in our neighborhood. So, we packed up some lunches, put the girls on their leashes, and headed out once more.

The girls had fun playing on the playground.

Their daddy pushed them down the slides.

Delilah didn’t understand the “slide” concept.

Then, when she finally got brave enough, she met a puddle.

It’s entirely possible that we treat our dogs a little too much like children.

By the end of the day, we were all exhausted.

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