Top Ten Tuesday: Swapping Lives

Remember that movie Freaky Friday? I loved it when I was little (the original version with Jodie Foster). I even used to daydream about switching lives with someone else. No, I wasn’t an unhappy child–I was just craving adventure!

Brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish, here are…

Katie’s Top 10 Characters I’d Like to Switch Places with for a Day

  1. Anna (Anna and the French Kiss) – Although I studied abroad for a summer, I would love to live in another country and be submerged in another culture. I would take better advantage of it than Anna did, and actually leave my dorm room (for more than a movie) to meet people who were not American.
  2. Matilda (Matilda) – Um, magic powers, please. But, just to clarify, I pick a day post-Miss Honey adoption.
  3. Hermione (Harry Potter series) – Again with the powers. And being a Hogwarts student.
  4. Mia (the Princess Diaries series) – When I read this books as a kid, I used to have dreams about being a princess. Seriously.
  5. Ella, Henny, Sarah, Charlotte, or Gertie (the All-of-a-Kind Family) – When I was little, I used to ask Santa to make my mommy pregnant. How I longed to be in a family of five sisters.
  6. Harriet (Harriet the Spy) – Just ’cause my spy missions were never as successful as hers.
  7. Julie (Julie & Julia) – I wish I could find an original idea to invest in, blog about, and get a movie made from. Geez.
  8. Elizabeth (Eat, Pray, Love) – You know, the whole time I was reading this book, I couldn’t help but think that I would probably have a life-changing experience, too, if someone paid me to take a year off for meditation, eating, and praying.
  9. Stacy (the Baby-Sitters’ Club series) – I always had a thing for Stacy. Must have been the stylish clothes, perfect hair and make-up, good relationship with her mom, and a dad who lived in NYC. Did not envy her diabetes though.
  10. Rebecca (the Shopaholic series) – Splurging on designer bags, clothes, jewelry, and furniture, then letting your super-rich husband pay off your credit card? I think I could get used to that.

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Swapping Lives

  1. Yes, I love how Hermione just seems to top all the TTTs! It’s so true. I also love that you picked Stacy from the Baby-Sitter’s Club. She was always my favorite and I spent some time pretending I was Stacy when I was young lol. Also Harriet the Spy! I totally had a Harriet the Spy phase. Great choices 🙂

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