Squashing the Body Bashing

Working in a predominantly-female workplace, and just being female in general, I am amazed by how often I hear women talk badly about their bodies. Not that I am not to blame, as well. I’ve been known to complain about “fat days” or make a face in the mirror at a specific body area. As women, we know how important it is to love our bodies and appreciate the strength and health that allow us to do awesome things like carry 15 grocery bags at once, sit on the floor to play a board game, or even run a half-marathon. But, sometimes it feels like it’s in our DNA to point out the “bad”–which is usually something no one else would ever notice! I think this problem is rooted in the need to constantly compare ourselves to other women.

Anyway, this quick rant is a way to introduce you to one of my newest weekly obsessions: No Fat Talk Tuesday. Espresso and Cream, written by Madison, a 24-year-old Midwesterner (okay, maybe there’s a reason I identify with this woman…), is primarily a food blog. Madison features “simple food made with quality ingredients, and a whole lot of yum.” While I have yet to try one of the recipes, I was drawn to this blog because of the weekly feature on a woman’s story about body image. Each story is the tale of a different woman’s journey–her struggles and victories when it comes to achieving a healthy body image. It’s empowering, as a woman, to hear another woman sharing some of the same thoughts and experiences.

I’m sharing this with you today because yesterday, being Tuesday, yet another inspirational story was shared. I urge you to read through a few of the women’s stories, and then to pledge yourself Fat Talk Free–and not just on Tuesdays!