New Year’s Resolutions Part 3

put down the iPhone

In July, after a three-year-old baby-sitting charge dropped my cell phone in a pile of wet sand, I became a smartphone user. And it’s since then that I’ve realized the real danger that is smartphone-use while driving. In the past, I’d never had much of a problem leaving my phone in my purse while in the car. Sure, I’d answer the occasional phone call or send the a quick text while sitting at a stoplight, but I never considered myself one of those “dangerous” cell phone drivers.

All that changed, though, when Gmail, Facebook, and WordPress landed straight in the palm of my hand. Available to me at any time, the urge to check my email and scroll through status updates is far too strong. I find myself subconsciously reaching for my phone while behind the wheel entirely too often. I know the statistics. Seriously. (If you leave me some long-winded comment citing percentages of accidents, trying to force me to see the error of my ways, I’ll be really annoyed. I get it.)

So, I’ve decided it’s time to change this habit. So, in 2012, my iPhone will be riding in my trunk any time I’m traveling solo. No text, no call, no status update is vital enough for the distraction and risk that is smartphone-use while driving.